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How we work

Step by step,
towards an energized future

Beautifully designed solar parks

Solar parks change the landscape, but should not affect nature. Therefore, our basic principle is that our solar parks must be designed with the environment in mind and offer added value.

Solar energy and nature can go hand in hand. We take into account the sightlines for local residents and examine the flora and fauna in the original landscape. We give space to birds, small animals, plants, and crops. In addition, we always examine the possibility of using the solar park for multiple purposes, such as sheep grazing, educational purposes or water storage.

Working together on a sustainable future

To make the energy transition succesful, we must all join forces: from investors to landowners and from local authorities to residents. Together, we must work on a future in which sustainable energy is available to everyone, everywhere. 

When developing a solar park, we therefore have an open dialogue with all parties involved to map out all the requirements, possibilities, interests and wishes. When making the design, we seek advice from landscape architects, consult with the grid operator about grid connections, are in close contact with local authorities about the permit application, and take into account the input given by local residents. Only together we can achieve a solar park that enjoys the support by all relevant stakeholders.

Development process

Site identification, design, technical planning, permitting, financing and construction and operation; we bring it all together in one package thanks to our highly experienced team. In all our projects we take the following steps:

Location Design Finance Construction Operational