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Solar park Vleddermond

Stadskanaal, the Netherlands
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Zonnepark Vleddermond is realized on a 16.9-hectare site, adjacent to a business park. Over 36,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 20.1 megawatt peak (MWp), provide sustainable energy to approximately 6,400 households annually.

The landscaping takes into account the view from adjacent roads. The existing ditch is widened and a nature-friendly bank with reed fringe is constructed to hide the solar park from view.

In terms of social integration, Chint Solar contributes to the foundation Stichting Gebiedsfonds Stadskanaal op Zon, which operates entirely independently from the municipality and the developers. The foundation has already been able to help realize several projects financially thanks to contributions from developers of solar parks.

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Start of construction of Zonnepark Vleddermond in the municipality of Stadskanaal

On location in the municipality of Stadskanaal, Chint Solar and the board of Stichting Gebiedsfonds Stadskanaal have given the official starting signal for the construction of Zonnepark Vleddermond.

Key Facts

Size 16.9 hectares
Capacity 20.1 MWp
Number of solar panels 36,000
Number of households 6,400