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Chint Solar completes six more solar parks in the Netherlands

09 February 2023

Chint Solar has successfully completed solar projects in Stadskanaal, Eerste Exloërmond, Nieuw-Buinen, Drouwenermond, Pesse and Fluitenberg in the Netherlands. The six solar parks, with a total installed capacity of 120 MWp, supply renewable energy to more than 38,000 households.

By completing these new projects, Chint Solar has now realized 15 solar parks with a total capacity of over 450 MWp in the Netherlands. The six recently completed solar parks are owned and operated by Blue Elephant Energy. To overcome grid congestion challenges, the solar projects are connected via a cable route to the substation of the Stadskanaal solar park. In total, there are now eight projects feeding into the TenneT high-voltage network via this substation. The cable route was realized in partnership with PowerField.

Solar park Vleddermond is realized in the municipality of Stadskanaal on a 17-hectare site, adjacent to a business park. The project has an installed capacity of 20.1 MWp. The landscaping takes into account the view from adjacent roads. Solar park Exloërmond is located in Eerste Exloërmond, with an installed capacity of 19.9 MWp. The project is hidden from view by a surrounding dike.

Solar park Vleddermond (right)

Solar park Drouwenerzon and Buinerhorn were initiated by local businessmen Roelof Jan and Jan Willem Wollerich of Mts. Wollerich and further realized in cooperation with Chint Solar. The Drouwenerzon project is realized on a 5-hectare site, to the south of Drouwenermond and has an installed capacity of 6.7 MWp. The Buinerhorn solar park is located in Nieuw-Buinen and has an installed capacity of 7.9 MWp.

Solar park Pesse and Fluitenberg were initiated by PowerField and realized by Chint Solar. Combined, the two solar parks have an installed capacity of 65 MWp.

Oliver Schweininger, Managing Director/CEO of Chint Solar Europe: “We are very proud to have completed six more projects in the Netherlands. These solar parks provide more than 38,000 households with renewable energy, taking another important step in the energy transition. We also show that with an innovative mindset, it is possible to resolve the current challenges of grid congestion. We would like to thank all local authorities, project partners such as PowerField, contractors and advisors for their cooperation and their contribution to the realization of the solar parks.”

Solar park Drouwenerzon