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Start of construction Solar park Dievelman in the Netherlands

01 February 2023

Sofian Eljarroudi of Chint Solar symbolically rammed the first pile of Solar park Dievelman in the municipality of Berkelland. Construction of the solar park has now officially begun.

Solar park Dievelman is being built south of Borculo in the Netherlands. The more than 26,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 15 megawatt peak (MWp), can annually provide approximately 5,000 households with renewable energy. Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023, after which the solar park will be connected to the electricity grid. The solar park was developed by IX Zon. Chint Solar will do the construction.

The solar park will combine generating renewable energy with enhancing nature and biodiversity. It includes strengthening the ecological connection of the Huppelsebeek and Leerinkbeek, and restoring the cultural-historical landscape connection by means of wooded banks and trees.

Sofian Eljarroudi, Head of Business Development at Chint Solar Netherlands said: “Together with IX Zon, we have joined forces to realize three projects in the municipality of Berkelland. Solar park Dievelman is the first of them. We are pleased that we can start the new year off right by starting construction immediately. Once the solar park is operational, it will supply sustainable energy to thousands of households. With this we are making an important contribution to making the municipality more sustainable and accelerating the energy transition in our country.”

Sven Kamphues, Director IX Zon: “In the past 5 years we have developed 6 solar parks in the municipality of Berkelland. Especially the municipality and local residents deserve compliments. I would therefore like to thank them for the pleasant cooperation. Together we make the necessary energy transition possible and this responsibility has been felt and taken by all parties.”