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Chint Solar wins award in ‘Sustainable land management’ category at UNIDO Global Call 2021

27 October 2021

Chint Solar has won an award in the ‘Sustainable land management’ category at UNIDO Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management 2021. The jury valued Chint Solar’s Kubuqi project in Inner Mongolia for its combination of sand control, grass planting, breeding and power generation paired with the clear and demonstrated impact on soils.

The 310MW desert photovoltaic power station in Kubuqi, Inner Mongolia was jointly invested by Chint Solar and Elion Resources Group. The project was initiated against the historical background of desertification control in China. The Kubuqi project is the first solar desert project in China and is recognized as a landmark project for realizing renewable energy projects in such challenging environments.

Unique concept

Chint Solar created a new model featuring sand control, farmland cultivation, husbandry, power generation, and poverty alleviation. The measures taken in the area of afforestation and sand stabilization include planting forage grasses that are resistant to cold, drought, salt, and alkali. The drip irrigation under plastic film, the infiltrating irrigation, and other water-saving equipment and technology led to a vegetation survival rate of over 90% and resulted in desertification control and clear greening effects. The model can now be replicated all over the world.

In addition to producing around 14 billion kWh over the 25-year operation period and reducing carbon emissions by more than 7 million tons, 3,000 jobs were created during construction. The project will continue to promote the economic growth of the residents in the area around the project site throughout its lifespan. The Kubuqi project is an excellent example that commercial interests can be combined with social and ecological responsibility.

Catalyst for future solar energy projects

Oliver Schweininger, CEO of Chint Solar Europe: “I am extremely proud that Chint Solar has won the award for such an innovative project. To ensure a smooth and rapid global energy transition, the solar industry in general needs to make the most efficient use of available land, taking into consideration the needs of the local people living in the region. With the 310MW Kubuqi solar desert project, Chint Solar was able to prove that generating power can be successfully combined with social and ecological responsibility. Such landmark projects will further improve the acceptance of solar parks around the world and will motivate policy makers to introduce subsidy schemes for such holistic projects.”