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Your land,
energized by the sun

A solar park on your land

As a landowner, you might have considered to have a solar park on your land. For example, if you want an extra source of income besides farming, if you want to diversify your activities, if you want to make your business more sustainable or if you simply want to contribute to a future with clean energy. Chint Solar is happy to think along with you.

Advantages of a solar park on your land

A solar park on your land provides stable income over a long period, often more than 25 years. Chint Solar also offers attractive land lease prices. You can therefore profit from higher revenues per hectare than with regular farming activities. In addition, you actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and to a future in which sustainable energy is available to everyone.

Frequently asked questions

We take various aspects into account, such as the available grid connection, local laws, landscaping option and the financial viability. But most important is your role of the landowner. For you, it must fit in with your company’s strategy or personal circumstances to allow a solar park on their land for a long period (often more than 25 years).

No problem for us. This type of land is often not profitable to use in an agricultural enterprise. But for us it is suitable for project development. A solar park is certainly the solution!

For the landscaping, we like to use the local expertise and wishes of local residents. We adapt the design so that it fits the environment and the view.

A solar park can very well be combined with other uses; from grazing by sheep to flowery grasses, beehives, etc. So biodiversity is often even boosted by the solar park.

That depends on the plot. If it is a piece of land with a low yield, the park may yield more than expected. And not just financially. This way it can be combined well with other functions, such as nature or recreation.

Your personal preferences as a starting point

A suitable location

Developing a solar park is often a complicated process. Thanks to our years of experience with projects all over the world, we can assess how suitable your land plot might be. Many factors influence this: from zoning restrictions, the type of subsoil or the proximity to the grid, the surrounding landscape and local laws and regulations. We will explore your specific situation with you.

Smart use of space

Solar energy and nature can go hand in hand. We carefully examine how the solar park fits into the existing landscape. Together with you, we also look at the possibility of using the solar park for multiple purposes, such as the combination with agriculture (agri PV), sheep grazing, educational purposes or water storage.


Are you interested in a solar farm on your land?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will visit you without any obligation to look at the possibilities together, based on your business strategy or personal situation. Both technically and financially. We give you insight into the steps to be taken in the follow-up process. This way, you will quickly know what it means to you and what we can do for you.


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