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Solar park Ínsua

Pias, Portugal
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Located in the parish of Pias, Municipality of Serpa, in the Alentejo region, the Ínsua Project has a total of 48.5 MWp built on approximately 80 hectares of land with the solar panels mounted on a single-axis tracker system. It is Chint Solar’s first project in Portugal. The PV project produces around 94,000 MW/h per year and will supply green energy to roughly 26,000 households.

The Ínsua project is important for achieving progress in the region, realizing the energy transition goals, and reducing the volume of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

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Chint Solar completes its first PV project in Portugal

Chint Solar has officially commissioned the Ínsua solar park in Portugal. The 80 hectare, 48.5 MWp development provides renewable energy to approximately 26,000 households.

Key Facts

Commissioned 2022
Size 80 hectares
Capacity 48.5 MWp
Number of solar panels 117,000
Number of households 26,000