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Move towards an energized future

Our solar parks provide more than just green energy to local communities. By working together and focusing on the human aspects of the energy transition, we want to spark people’s energy to join us in working towards an energized future.

Available for everyone, everywhere

To make the energy transition succesful, we must all join forces: from investors to landowners and from local authorities to residents. Together, we aim to work on a future in which sustainable energy is available to everyone, everywhere. 


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If you are interested in realizing a solar park on your land, these are the steps you need to take.


We energize local communities. Continue reading to find out how.

We act now

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation. There is no more time to lose if we want to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and become completely climate-neutral by 2050. Our experienced and driven team has therefore been actively developing, financing, realizing and operating solar parks in Europe for many years. We have already built more than 15 solar parks and supply sustainable energy to more than 200,000 households.


Start of construction Solar park Dievelman in the Netherlands

Sofian Eljarroudi symbolically rammed the first pile of Solar park Dievelman in the municipality of Berkelland. Construction of the solar park has now officially begun.

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Construction started on Sinnefjild de Ekers in the Netherlands

Chint Solar and ATLAS projects have given the official starting signal for the construction of Sinnefjild de Ekers in Joure, the Netherlands. Joshua van Middelkoop of ATLAS projects and Sofian Eljarroudi of Chint Solar symbolically rammed the first pile.

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Chint Solar completes its first PV project in Portugal

Chint Solar has officially commissioned the Ínsua solar park in Portugal. The 80 hectare, 48.5 MWp development provides renewable energy to approximately 26,000 households.

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