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Solar park Drouwenerzon

Drouwenermond, the Netherlands
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Solar park Drouwenerzon is realized on a 5-hectare site, south of Drouwenermond. Over 12,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 6.67 megawatt peak (MWp), provide sustainable energy to approximately 2,100 households annually.

The plan for the solar project was initiated by local businessmen Roelof Jan and Jan Willem Wollerich of Mts. Wollerich and developed as a sustainable branch of arable farm. The project was further realized in cooperation with Chint Solar.

This solar park takes the sightlines from the nearby village into account. A surrounding windbreak masks the fence and the panels. Nature will also be given space: the land under the panels will be sown with a mixture of grass enriched with flowers. The dense structure of the vegetation will provide nesting opportunities and shelter for birds. The vegetation will be managed in various ways, including sheep grazing.

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Chint Solar has successfully completed solar projects in Stadskanaal, Eerste Exloërmond, Nieuw-Buinen, Drouwenermond, Pesse and Fluitenberg in the Netherlands. The six solar parks, with a total installed capacity of 120 MWp, supply renewable energy to more than 38,000 households.

Key Facts

Size 5 hectares
Capacity 6.7 MWp
Number of solar panels 12,000
Number of households 2,100