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Solar park Dievelman

Haarlo, the Netherlands
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IX Zon and Chint Solar have joined forces to realize Zonnepark Dievelman.

The solar park in the municipality of Berkelland combines the generation of sustainable energy with the enhancement of nature and biodiversity. The solar field includes space for a nature corridor, strengthening the ecological connection of two creeks and restoring the cultural-historical landscape connection by means of wooded banks and trees.

Solar park Dievelman produces renewable energy for about 5,000 households on an annual basis. The solar park is operational since the second quarter of 2023.

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Start of construction Solar park Dievelman in the Netherlands

Sofian Eljarroudi symbolically rammed the first pile of Solar park Dievelman in the municipality of Berkelland. Construction of the solar park has now officially begun.

In short

Commissioned 2023
Size 15 hectares
Capacity 15 MWp
Number of solar panels 26,000
Number of households 5,000