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Start of construction of Chint Solar’s first project in Germany: Solar park Schönermark Süd

31 January 2024

Chint Solar, CEE Group and DEG Sonne + Wärme have jointly started construction of ‘Solar park Schönermark Süd’. This is the first project in Germany for Chint Solar as an internationally active developer, constructor and operator of solar parks. The first pile was symbolically rammed by Erwin Jahnke, Mayor of the municipality of Schönermark-Studenitz, together with Maike Thron, Head of Cooperations and M&A at Chint Solar in Germany and Oliver Schweininger, CEO/Managing Director of Chint Solar in Europe.

In January 2024, Chint Solar started an ambitious project in the municipality of Schönermark-Stüdenitz in collaboration with DEG Sonne + Wärme GmbH: the construction of “Solar park Schönermark Süd”. This project, with a capacity of around 80 megawatt peak (MWp), will provide up to 30,000 households with renewable energy every year. The project thus plays an important role in the energy transition and generating sustainable electricity. The solar park is owned and operated by the CEE Group, a Hamburg-based asset manager specializing in renewable energies.

Solar park Schönermark Süd underlines Chint Solar’s growing commitment to the European market, where more than 20 projects have already been successfully implemented. With this plant, Chint Solar is further expanding its presence in Germany and demonstrating its ability to realize innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

When planning the solar park, particular emphasis was placed on protecting the natural flora and fauna. By integrating environmentally friendly design elements and minimizing the use of land, the impact on the local ecosystem is significantly reduced. In addition, measures are taken to promote biodiversity in the surrounding area and to create or preserve habitats for native animal species.

Maike Thron, Head of Cooperations and M&A at Chint Solar Germany: “We are extremely proud to announce the start of construction of our first PV plant in Germany. We can now bring our extensive expertise to the German market and make a significant contribution to the energy transition.”

Oliver Schweininger, CEO/Managing Director Chint Solar Europe and Board Member of the German solar industry association, BSW: “The start of construction of the Schönermark Süd PV plant is a significant moment for our company. We are proud to support Germany on its way to becoming a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient nation and at the same time to drive Europe towards green energy sources.”

Detlef Schreiber, CEO of the CEE Group: “We continue to see high demand for renewable energies among institutional investors. This asset class is an important building block in asset allocation, particularly due to its non-cyclical income. With the PV plant in Schönermark-Stüdenitz, we have acquired the first asset for our CEE Renewable Fund 8, which was launched in December 2023. A good network is essential here, because together with our partners we are making an important contribution to the energy transition in Germany.”

Dirk Vullhorst, Project Manager at DEG Sonne + Wärme: “We are proud to announce the realization of the Schönermark Süd PV plant in Brandenburg together with Chint Solar and to make a significant contribution to the energy transition and sustainable development in the region. This project symbolizes an important cooperation and joint progress in the generation of renewable energy.”