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Solar park de Ekers in the Netherlands opened festively

18 September 2023

Alderman Irona Groeneveld of the municipality of De Fryske Marren in the Netherlands, together with Chint Solar and ATLAS projecten, officially opened ‘Sinnefjild de Ekers’ on Saturday 16 September. This took place in the presence of visitors to the Open Energy Day, local residents and parties involved in the development of the solar park.

The well-attended festive opening was organised during the national Open Energy Day. Sinnefjild de Ekers was one of many sustainable energy projects that opened its doors to the public. Visitors had the chance to take a tour at the solar park and ask their questions to the experts present. For the children, there was a solar park safari. They got to playfully learn more about the flora and fauna on the solar farm.

Sinnefjild de Ekers has been realised north of the De Ekers business park in Joure, in the province of Friesland. The more than 25,000 solar panels, with an installed capacity of 14.3 megawatt peak (MWp), can provide around 4,600 households with renewable energy every year. Construction was completed this summer.

The solar park focuses on the combination between generating renewable energy, enhancing biodiversity, recreational opportunities and a social contribution. Among other things, a footpath and bridleway have been laid for a local diversions and green edges with trees and fauna passages have been installed. In addition, an annual financial contribution is made to the sustainability fund of the municipality of De Fryske Marren and a local event.

Alderman Irona Groeneveld of De Fryske Marren municipality: “As a municipality, we have high sustainability ambitions, in which energy transition is an important one. We are therefore pleased with this solar park. It makes a important contribution to our sustainability goals.”

Sofian Eljarroudi, Head of Business Development at Chint Solar in the Netherlands: “Sinnefjild de Ekers is an excellent example of how renewable energy, nature development and recreation can go hand in hand. It was very satisfying during the Open Energy Day to tell the visitors more about this and to let them get in touch with the world behind the socket.”

Joshua van Middelkoop, project developer at ATLAS: “We are proud that Sinnefjild de Ekers has now actually been realised after years of preparation. Thanks to a careful preliminary process including personal talks, a walk-in meeting and design sessions, a broadly supported plan was presented against which no views were submitted or appealed. We would like to thank our neighbours, the municipality of De Fryske Marren, Wetterskip Fryslân and Liander for their input and cooperation.”