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Solar park De Heul

Houten, The Netherlands
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Together with Opgewekt Houten, Coöperatie Duurzaam Eiland and BHM Solar, Chint Solar has developed Zonneweide De Heul in the municipality of Houten.

Zonneweide De Heul is a special project on the “island” Eiland van Schalkwijk. It brings together landscape, cultural history, nature, recreation, experience and green energy in a single design.

The design pays special attention to the regional identity (landscape characteristics). Local residents can also take a stroll along the solar park via a footpath. A three-meter-high watchtower provides magnificent views over the area. The design was created in close consultation with the local community.

The Municipality of Houten aims to be energy-neutral in 2040. In 2025, 20% of the energy needed must be generated sustainably. Zonnepark De Heul can play an important role in achieving this goal. The solar park will provide sustainable energy to 8,600 households.


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Key Facts

Size 25 hectares
Capacity 26.2 MWp
Number of solar panels 48,000
Number of households 8,600