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Solar park Buitenhuizen

Sappemeer, the Netherlands
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Chint Solar is in ongoing discussion with the municipality of Midden Groningen about the development of a solar park at Buitenhuizen. The area is 9.5 hectares and is located to the west of the existing solar park in Midden Groningen, to the east of the sewage treatment plant and the A7 motorway. To the north, 500 metres away is the Hoofdweg, with a number of farms. The solar panels will be connected to the high-voltage grid via the adjacent Midden Groningen solar park.

The integration of the landscape will take into account all the animals and plants present. A fence of trees and shrubs contributes to an improvement of biodiversity. We are looking for a way to improve the living environment of various animals and to expand it. For example, birds of prey such as the red harrier, grey wagtail and yellowhammer, amphibians such as the pool frog and moor frog, and mammals such as the hare, otter and polecat.

Key facts

Size 9.5 hectares
Capacity 8.7 MWp
Number of solar panels 16.000
Number of households 2.900